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My family has a small dairy farm in Pennsylvania. It’s where I grew up, where I raised my children–for most of their lives–and where I want my ashes scattered. It’s a beautiful haven of green, full of animals in their natural habitat, birds singing a chorus from dawn to dusk, the smell of heaven when … Continue reading

why we never ask

I have this friend.  I am apparently terrible at expressing how I feel about things, or he takes it too hard when I do. He says that my standards are too high, hinting that I am too difficult to please. But soon after meeting him I suggested that people should sit down with someone that … Continue reading


Sometimes I am not strong, I am forlorn over my apparent weakness, saddened that I cannot stand up and take what is mine. I hunker down, waiting for release, Hoping for resolution, Pleading with the universe. Where is my peace? Why have I only isolation? How do I stand, Alone. Alone I remain, falling to … Continue reading