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medical care in ruraltopia

Medical care in the United States is a joke. Sure, if you have insurance, and money, and live in the “right” place, then maybe it’s okay. “The best in the world” (totally not true). I am about 7 months pregnant. From the moment we started trying, I felt sure this system would probably kill me. … Continue reading

breadwinner’s dilemma

I spoke with a life insurance salesman today. I am going to purchase $600,000 worth of term life coverage. I figure within 10 years I can switch it to universal. If I live that long. I have a distinct fear of dying from this pregnancy. But I realized that if I were one of those … Continue reading

relishing the joy

I mean to relish the joy of pregnancy. My partner laughs at me, just a little, mostly shaking his head, when I say that I like being pregnant. The first 3 or 4 months I am so sick and exhausted that I can barely function. I nest for a full nine months, so part of … Continue reading

tales from the trenches

Some days you wake up ready to fight back against the heartache and the naysayers. Other days it’s rage that fills your bones, eats at your core, erasing your resolve. Still other days you have nothing left to give and no reason to pretend. Which will be today? Sunday it was rage. Most days it … Continue reading