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Maybe I should stop caring. I teach sessions in other faculty’s courses, about library resources, research, information literacy, or related topics. I am certain that our current world is a direct result of people’s lack of information literacy and critical thinking skills. It was the most apathetic class I’ve ever had. Or maybe I have … Continue reading


I can feel my pulse in my fingertips. Today my David will call his new school and see what possibility there is for a deferment. Yes, he was accepted into medical school. 1200 miles from our home. Wednesday, we will have our anomaly scan for our second child. He’s 20 weeks, and I am due … Continue reading

little kicks of sadness

I have to say that I did just read one of the saddest stories I have seen in at least a long time. Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones. Maybe it is that my partner is leaving later this week for an interview out of state. Maybe it is that our earth is dying. Or … Continue reading

if I die or. . .

As usual, I woke in the middle of the night. I have had a bad feeling that I would die in labor with this child. It was on my mind the whole time we tried for this child, a sense of foreboding. Maybe it is because I am the breadwinner of our family, maybe it … Continue reading

puppies and raccoons

  Puppies and raccoons fill my mind.   My friends tell me that I “can’t save the puppy”. I suppose this is technically true, but this fact does not undermine my efforts. I see a puppy and I become engrossed in saving it, often to my own detriment. And puppies have a way of finding … Continue reading