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i choose peace i choose love

Today I choose peace. I choose to love. I will reject the fear that hovers over my heart, that feeds my lack of self-faith, that eggs me away from my own purpose. Today I choose peace. I choose love. I will reject the hatred that brews in my heart and mind from the wrongs I … Continue reading

why we never ask

I have this friend.  I am apparently terrible at expressing how I feel about things, or he takes it too hard when I do. He says that my standards are too high, hinting that I am too difficult to please. But soon after meeting him I suggested that people should sit down with someone that … Continue reading

anna begins

Anna begins. Anna walked into her daughter’s room and sighed. She had to tiptoe over the bowl of hardened rice, scattered playing cards, two barbie dolls sans clothes, and a pile of crinkled papers. The room felt stifling, with blankets tucked around the windows, meant to keep the cold Lake Erie wind from piercing the … Continue reading

don’t let go

Rachelle’s breath caught in her throat. “Wait,” she exhaled, her voice sounding a little harsher than she had meant. She immediately felt sorry, seeing the look on his face. It was some mix between embarrassment, shame, horror, and self-loathing. She instantly hated. . . but she pushed the thought of who she hated from her … Continue reading